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Install, configure, and run the PuzzleLogic Agent

The PuzzleLogic Agent is a Java application (JAR file) that works together with the PuzzleLogic Command Line Interface (CLI) to import data from monitoring tools.

NOTE: You will need t

To install, configure, and run the PuzzleLogic Agent:

  1. From the PuzzleLogic download site, download the file agent-1.7.5.RC3-all.tar.gz to the machine where you wish to import data from.
  2. Create the directory where you will run the PuzzleLogic Agent.
    $ mkdir –p $HOME/<PL_Agent_directory>

    For example, to create the directory plviewer-agent, type the following:

    $ mkdir –p $HOME/plviewer-agent
  3. Extract the archive file to the new agent directory.
    $ cd $HOME/<PL_Agent_directory>
    $ cp ~/agent-XXXXXX.tar.gz . 
    $ tar xvf agent-XXXXXX.tar.gz

    NOTE: A directory named plviewer-agent-1.7.5.RC3 is created with the following sub-directories:

    • /bin contains the Agent JAR file
    • /samples contains a sample file
    • /cli contains the Command Line Interface (CLI) Utility.
  4. Copy the file from the ./samples directory to the ./bin directory.
    $ cd <PL_Agent_directory>/plviewer-agent-XXXXXX/bin
    $ cp ../samples/ .
  5. Generate the PuzzleLogic Agent credentials.
    1. Log in to Service Advisor.
    2. Click the Account Settings icon (on the left navigation bar) and select Organizations (on the top navigation bar).
    3. Select your organization. The Edit Organization page appears.
    4. In the Admin Keys section, click Create. A dialog box appears with a username and password to authenticate the PuzzleLogic Agent.
    5. Copy the username and password to a safe location. Note that these credentials will not be available once you close the dialog box.
  6. Set the connection information and Agent credentials in the file.
    1. Open the file in a text editor.
    2. Set plviewer.auth.base.url to
    3. Set plviewer.username to the generated Agent username.
    4. Set plviewer.password to the generated Agent password.
    5. Save the changes to the file.
  7. Start the PuzzleLogic Agent.
    $ ./ start

NOTE: For production environments, consult your system administrator to create auto-start scripts to start the Agent when the system reboots.

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