Integration – Add a data source

Add a data source

PuzzleLogic Service Advisor supports the import of data from a number of sources—including change, incident, and problem management systems and event monitoring tools. These data sources must be added to Service Advisor in order for the application to categorize and display the imported data for incident management and resolution. Data that has been imported into the PuzzleLogic Data Repository that does not have a defined data source will not be visible in the Service Advisor application interface.

Data sources are added through the Service Advisor Admin Settings feature. These data sources will appear under Sources in the options that are used to filter CIs and messages.

NOTE: Administrator permissions are required to add data sources to Service Advisor.

  1. Log into Service Advisor as a user with administrator permissions.
  2. Click the Admin Settings icon  on the left menu.
  3. Select Data Sources from the top menu. The Data Source Settings page appears.
  4. Click the Add Data Source icon  (in the upper right). The Add Data Source page appears.
  5. Provide the following information for the new data source.
    • Data Source Name (required): Enter a valid name that will be used to map the data source with the PuzzleLogic data integration component.
    • Abbreviated Name (required): Enter the abbreviated name for the data source that will appear in PuzzleLogic Service Advisor.
    • Data Source Text Color (optional): Using the color palette, select the text color to use for displaying the data source name in PuzzleLogic Service Advisor (for example, messages in the What's New page), and click Choose.
    • Data Soure URL (optional): Enter the URL needed to connect to the data source. The URL must begin with "http" or "https".
    • Collection Name (optional): Select ci if the data source is a source of configuration object data. Select message if the data source is a source of message data.
  1. Click Add. If the Data Source was added successfully, it will appear on the drop-down menu on the Data Source Settings page.